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diary for today | Movement. - Jacqueline Molina

today i finally cleaned my corner of the room. an old, yet-to-be-used easel. the heap of dusty sketchbooks, now a home for tiny mites and spiders. a pink wooden container filled with fashion and animation magazines. the fresh pile of worn clothes in need of a wash. and underneath those clothes, the many recent purchased books that do not have a shelf to sit on. i didn’t know where to start. but once i did, i felt older. these items, pieces from 2015, maybe even before then, and even up until now needed to be moved out. i got a new job.

i’m not moving out yet. i just need more space. i managed to set up the half-finished canvases and arrays of art prints and posters to settle in the hallway where they will find their (most likely) final destination in the plastic bins in the garage. i’ll do that tomorrow. right now, things are liminal. the transition from one job to another. the morphing room, preparing it to accommodate my new needs. i’m trying to manage the space so that i can also share it with my sister, who also has her prospective plans.

december. the bookend of the year is moving me towards the new year with a new journey. it’s quiet, exciting, nerve-racking.

i also misplaced my earbuds, i’m still looking for them.

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