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diary for today | Ramblings - March 31, 2021

On the verge of April, a warmer-than-usual day wakes me from my sleep. I wipe the sleep from my eyes, and blink at the time on my phone. 8:00. For the past two weeks I’ve decided to hit Duolingo again and learn some basics on 2 languages I’m honing in on at the moment: Spanish and Russian. It’s interesting how Russian will have some of the same sounds that Spanish does: rolling r’s and the way some of the “t’s” sound when pronouncing a word. I still know very simple phrases and I’m excited to see how much I can learn this year.

I have an online friend I’ve known for at least 6 years. We met through Tumblr; and since then we’ve migrated our discussions to other apps where we talk for hours on end. She’s from Russia. I’m always so fascinated by her daily routine, and pictures she’ll send me of the snowy landscape. There’s times where we don’t speak often, gaps where I wonder how she is and what she’s up to. It’s been a month since I’ve heard from her. I decided to send a small message typed up in Cyrillic. I see her active set to green, she probably saw my message. I’m smiling to myself as I type this, it’s never a rush to hear back from her, and it’s nice knowing she’s out there, and still okay.

Hopefully I’ll keep you updated in the future on this blog. Until next time.

- Jacqueline

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