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The Gifting Of Us | Cole Turner

Holidays are usually filled with opening gifts, family, and a lot of food. The early Christmases of my childhood consisted of the gifts I usually open up. Getting up in the morning and opening what I expected was one of the greatest feelings. Whether it be a new video game console or toy I was elated to have the gifts that my family game me. Material gifts are wonderful things but they are not the gifting of us. By this I mean, we are each other’s gifts and we fill each other with joy. This particular Holiday season is different and we can’t be with each other but we can in fact be kind. Material gifts don’t give us value because they are objects. Rather, during the Holiday season let’s remember that giving and being with family is what its really about.

Gayatri Spivak, a post-colonial theorist, addresses the nature of ethics in her essay “A Feminist World”. She defines ethics as being “unconditional” and that it’s not just about doing the right thing. As we close in on this holiday season kindness is what the world needs. Our ethics and doing for others should be unconditional. Bringing joy to others during this season is this most important as we face difficult times. So let’s remember to show unconditional love during this season and bring joy to others in the best possible way.

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