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From This High by Amber Castellanos

You use to be my favorite view

I watched as you danced around my carcass

Like the Windigo begging for more

More you whispered and I answered with eyes glazed

My only companion was the sweetness of your honey

With the aftertaste of cold winter air

Then herbal like the drug they pluck from the ground

The consistent repetition of sins as I fall on my knees

Shouting, pleading

"Oh how beautiful is this scenery from way up here! Hello! Can all the little people hear me?!"

Are you too far down to hear my screams?

You use to wear a cross against that bare chest

Made me think I was the reason that you took it off

A sacrifice does leave a bad burn doesn't she?

Could you not let her sunshine glow?

Lips chapped from the December air

I remember as blood stained your lips

It tasted like mustard, specked with flesh

Sweet at first then a kick

Not really one for my liking, but Pandora did want just a peek

Now his tongue will forever smell of me

I hear can still hear him beckoning when it rains

My ghost flickered in the air that day

Waking to the sound of the roaring hills

I collapsed under

And yet sticks and stones did not break

I once assumed you're possession

Somehow that was not my path to take

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