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 Adegoke Adeola

So, Nigeria died on the skin of a boy

Everyone mourned and moved on

Beside cussing sight of a convoy,

a child knows this country burns


Eda mafikuyomi, we dey gather go!


Ajagbe milked his body into languages

and Yoruba is the death of his parents,

They have rights to plant images

only to harvest wicked herders’ intents


Person wey fit come fit go


Bala is a street of forgotten memories

Audu is a casket full of war tears

and whatever name we spell here

is written in caps ‘FORLORN’ ‘MEMORIES’


Eda mafikuyomi, we dey gather go!


If you listen to the news now and then

Nnamdi is a citizen of many countries

and to BIAFRAN is to run for centuries

Peace shall come when Osage plays by 10



Eda mafikuyomi—Do not make mockery of my death


Adegoke Adeola is a writer, political analyst, editor and spoken word activist from Nigeria. He writes about

humanity, death, life and what it means to live. His works have appeared or are forthcoming in Kalahari ReviewPraxis Magazine, and others. His timely poem on suicide recently made the honor roll in EOPP.  2019–2020 Kind Writers Contest Notable Recognition

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