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Gerard Sarnat [Poetry]


1. Space Balls 3: Pox On Third Rock From The Sun

Jeff Bezos calls for moving ‘all polluting industry into space’ after private rocket trip.

-- The Independent, 22July21*

After littering Earth with Amazon cardboard and bubble wrap,

the richest man in the world [again] proposes

that we do same damn thing to outer space.

This mid-septuagenarian is beginning to feel [at least] his age

with chronic disease now catching up with me

-- which gets exacerbated by acute ailments

used to not be such seemingly endgame existential occurrences,

reminding us all our planet’s no longer young

plus we humans are succumbing to events

like COVID19-21 – when back in good old days Homo sapiens

arguably came together to rally around to ban

refrigerator Freon causing ozone depletion’s

contribution to climate change, or inoculate everyone to eradicate

polio as well as smallpox; but currently appearing

much more to fuel Bezos, Branson, Musk egos.